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Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake located about 80 kilometres from Nairobi. It’s the highest Lake in the Rift Valley, with the distinctive volcanic outline of Mount Longonot rising to the south.

On the shores of Lake Naivasha is Crescent Island. This was an original crater rim of an extinct volcanic crater, as seen from a bird’s eye view. The Crescent Island comprises the deepest part of Lake Naivasha and supports various wildlife, including waterbuck, Giraffe, Zebra, Wildebeest, Hyenas and Gazelles.

Renowned as one of the important bird areas of Kenya, Lake Naivasha supports 500 different species, with large flotillas of the great white pelican being particularly conspicuous.

South of Lake Naivasha is the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers the best game viewing around Lake Naivasha with naturally occurring like Leopard, Cheetah Plains and Zebra. 

Lake Oloiden borders Lake Naivasha to the south.  Past the Elsamere, the South Lake road passes through a wilder landscape of towering forest of fever acacias and spiky Euphorbia sloping towards the alkaline shores of Lake Oloiden.  There is plenty of wildlife to be seen here. Giraffes are particularly common, gliding serenely through the acacia trees.

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Why Visit Lake Naivasha

  • Bird-watching sanctuary.
  • The scenic beauty of the lake and its surrounds
  • Complimenting the boat trip
  • Classic game viewing from the attractions surrounds the lakes

What to Do

  • Boat safari at Lake Naivasha
  • Bike in the Wild at Hell’s Gate
  • Explore Hell’s Gate National Park – Game drive and biking.
  • Visit the Elsamere Conservation Center
  • Visit the Crater Lake Game Sanctuary
  • Walk with the animals at Crescent Island
  • Hiking up at Longonot

Getting There​

  • Lake Naivasha is 80 Kilometers from Nairobi and 2.5-hour drive
  • The road to Lake Naivasha is well-paved and has easy access.

Best Time to Visit

  • You can explore the best of Lake Naivasha throughout the year with its good climatic conditions. The ideal time, however, is between June and October.

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