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Masai Mara National Park

Kenya’s most celebrated and arguably best wildlife reserve. The Masai Mara is dominated by open grassland, but as implied by the Masai name Mara, meaning spotted, it is interspersed with rocky hills, acacia woodland and riparian forest.

The Mara River, an important water source and obstacle to the annual Wildebeest Migration, is the only permanent waterway through the Masai Mara. With dozens of deep Hippo pools, the Mara River supports varied aquatic wildlife, including hippos, crocodiles and otters, and riverine birds such as the Hamerkop and African darter.

One of the most spectacular events in the Serengeti and Mara is the wildebeest Migration and the Wildebeest crossing the Mara River. First, the Wildebeest will often congregate in their thousands on the banks. Then, one of the Wildebeest will plunge with the rest of the herd, triggering a stampede that provides rich pickings with the waiting crocodiles and predators on the riverbanks.

An estimated 5000 wildebeests will perish annually while crossing the Mara River. Still, the numbers are readily replenished by the average 400,000 calves born in the Serengeti during the annual Migration Calving Season every January to February.

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Why Visit Masai Mara National Park

  • Home of big cats and predators
  • Excellent wildlife viewing throughout the year.
  • Outstanding natural beauty and open savannah make for easy wildlife spotting.
  • Great wildebeest migrations are outstanding natural events.
  • A top-rated park

What to Do

  • Game drive safaris
  • Guided walking safaris
  • Hot air balloon safaris

Getting There​

  • An easy drive from Nairobi
  • Scheduled and Charter flights from Nairobi.

Best Time to Visit

  • Year-round but recommended dry season (June to October and January to February)
  • The best months to witness the Wildebeest Migration is from September and October

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