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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is the sixth-largest national park in Tanzania, with 2,850 sq. km. The park’s name originates from the Tarangire River that crosses through the park, the only water source for wild animals during dry seasons.

Tarangire provides a beautiful spectacle of a savanna environment and a meeting point for the mightiest components of the African wilderness, right here where the savanna is dotted with monumental baobabs and where the most magnificent herds of African elephants to be found in northern Tanzania are roaming.

The park’s environment is dominated by savanna woodlands, wetlands and seasonal flood plains and boasts a birdlife of exceptional species diversity.

Life is spectacular in the dry season when the migratory ungulates return to the Tarangire River’s permanent waters. However, during the best period, from August to October, Tarangire is one of the most astonishing strongholds for wildlife on the African continent.

The park is famous for its many elephants, baobab trees, leopards and lions. Along the banks of the Tarangire River, you will find herds of wildebeests and zebras, followed by Grant’s gazelles, Thomson’s gazelles, and many others.


Why Visit Tarangire National Park

  • Essentially, all animals of the East Africa Plain can be seen.
  • A large herd of Elephants
  • Spectacular natural beauty – savanna landscape, majestic baobabs and river valleys

Tourism Activities

  • Game drive safaris
  • Guided walking safaris
  • Day trips to Maasai and Barabaig villages

Getting There

  • An easy drive from Arusha
  • Scheduled and Charter flights from Arusha, Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam.

Best Time to Visit

  • Year-round but dry season (June – October) for sheer numbers of animals.
  • The short rains fall in November and December, followed by a partial drying out in January and February. After that, the long showers follow, ending in early May.

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